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Top 10 graphic design trends to inspire your work in 2022

There can never be enough emphasis on the role that graphic design plays in our daily lives. Good design enhances the identity of our favorite brands and extends far beyond the appearance of an entity. We use it to provide information, convey messaging, or convince our audience through combinations of images, shades, and shapes.

Because there are so many players and influences in the field, it can be hard to keep up with the changes in the world of graphic design. As a designer, it’s beneficial to keep up with the latest graphic design trends and choose which ones work in your design portfolio.  To lighten your mind, this article will explain, and more importantly, show you, the top ten graphic design trends and creative styles you’ll start to notice more in 2022, some of which will last for several years.

Trend #1 — Combining 2D x 3D

There has been an upward trend in 3D design for many years, and it continues to evolve and establish itself further. It gives designers unlimited room for creativity since it provides an almost endless array of options.

The most popular work we’re seeing in this arena ranges from highly realistic 3D visuals that blur the line between digital and physical elements to mashups that incorporate 2D graphics and paper cutouts.

2022 will be the year of a significant cross-over between 2D and 3D.

Trend #2 — Nostalgia (90s)

Pretty recently, popular media like Netflix’s Cobra Kai & Stranger Things (among countless others) brought back 80s nostalgia and ushered in an era of vaporwave landscapes, neon colors, and Gothic serifs. And retro comebacks are finally hitting the 90s in 2022!

We can see the 90s making a comeback in many of the trends on this list. Yet, the nostalgia trend reflects a longing for the past through rose-colored glasses.

Toward that end, we are reliving the 90s through simple emojis, primitive internet frames, geometric shapes, and sketchy illustrations. The dripping slime and bright color blocks of childhood are still kings.

In your next design project, channel the 90s for a retro vibe.

Trend #3 — Twisted Typography

This trend involves anything “offbeat” that breaks your order, whether one letter is upside down, in a larger or smaller font, or entirely left out.

A portion of your lettering in a smaller text could be arranged so that they reveal a different message from the rest. This trend is a great way to make a point and draw someone’s attention to a specific area of the design.

Also, if you’re thinking of the Squid Game intro, you’re not alone.